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Welcome to Hacienda Santa Maria's Website. The following are the horses we have for sale. We also have horses available for breeding and embryo transfer. Feel free to click the review button to access detailed information about each horse, including pictures, videos, age, pedigree and more.

Hacienda Santa Maria is located in Southern Ontario, Canada. It is a breeding and training facility for Paso Fino Horses.

Paso Finos are beautiful, smooth, four-beat gaited horses of Spanish origin.

Our farm imports horses from Colombia on the yearly basis,having in consideration to select the most prominent blood lines that play an important role not only in the horse confrontmation but also in the movement temperament and brio. 

We have horses for different levels of riders. We produce classic finos for shows and competitions as well as pleasure and trail riding horses. 

We welcome all the horse enthusiasts and be very glad to show you the equine that is considered as " THE HORSE WITH THE SMOOTHEST RIDE IN THE WORLD". 


About the Paso Fino Horse


The Paso Fino horse reflects its Spanish heritage through its proud carriage, grace and elegance.   Modern care and selective breeding have enhanced its beauty, refinement and well-proportioned conformation that convey strength and power without extreme muscling.   With its lively but controlled spirit, natural gait and responsive attitude, the Paso Fino is indeed a rare and desirable equine partner. It's presence can be felt from the confines of the competitive  show ring to the relaxing environment of an afternoon trail ride. 

Growing in Popularity

The ancient history of the Paso Fino is fast becoming the future of show and pleasure horses in the U.S.   and beyond.   The Paso Fino is a recognized breed of United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).   To demonstrate its versatility, Paso Fino horses compete in Western classes (Trail and Versatility), as well as costume and Pleasure Driving.   Paso Fino horses compete in endurance rides, including the 100 mile rides, sponsored by the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) and the competitive trail rides sponsored by the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC).   They compete in team penning events, drill team competitions, and are always the crowd pleaser at parades.

They continue to grow in popularity, as one by one, converts are won over through the Paso Fino horse experience.   If you test ride a Paso Fino horse, you will quickly display the infamous "Paso Grin".   You just can’t help yourself when you ride the smoothest and most willing horse.